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Hello Hans

  • (Harvey Andrews)

    Hello Hans
    I was passing so I stopped to say hello
    You don't know me
    And there's no reason now why you should ever know
    You died here
    In some prison camp, conditions weren't too bad
    Was it a wound, Hans
    Or maybe the four walls sent you mad
    You were twenty
    That's what it says upon the stone
    I'm trying to imagine
    What it's like to die all alone
    At twenty
    Before you've had a chance to be half grown
    I was passing so I stopped to say hello

    Can you see the child, Hans
    The little girl who laughs upon your grave
    Not yours, Hans
    Not the ones you went to war to save
    See her father
    He proudly picks her up and sits her down
    On your tombstone
    To take the photographs that he can show around
    He was a young boy
    At the very moment that you died
    Perhaps you had a little child
    To walk proudly by your side
    Or a young wife
    Who tried so very hard, but still she cried
    Can you see the little girl laugh on your grave

    So goodbye, Hans
    I'll maybe come again some other time
    Because somehow
    That grave that's yours could easily be mine
    You see, there's wars, Hans
    Men are trained to fight each other still
    It goes on, Hans
    It always has, it seems it always will
    So I must go now
    The young men milling round and making so much noise
    And as you remember
    When they're together boys will always just be boys
    Unlike you, Hans
    They've never been a country's broken toys

    So goodbye
    I'll maybe come again some other time

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] This is the earliest of the songs in this collection. Written for Hans Steggemann, who is buried in the German military cemetery on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England. (Notes Harvey Andrews, '25 Years on the Road')

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