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Here's A Health Tae The Sauters

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  • [1988:] [The] old communitarian ideal of Scotland as the 'Land o' cakes and brither Scots' [...]. (Donaldson, Song 80)

  • [1991:] Saltwater gathering in Prestonpans on the Firth of Forth went through a variety of stages. One belief early on was that the further out a person went into the Forth the higher the salt content in the water. Hence verse 2 talks about the character Puddock Wull (a real person) being a good swimmer and therefore able to fetch the buckets back from further out.
    Salt was taxed and therefore salt smuggling rife, but the smugglers usually sold it cheaply in Edinburgh and usually spread some free around the locals. (Notes Ceolbeg, 'Seeds To The Wind')

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