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Hey Ca' Thro'

  • (Robert Burns)

    Hey ca' thro', ca' thro'
    For we hae mickle a do
    Hey ca' thro', ca' thro'
    For we hae mickle a do

    Up wi' the carls o' Dysart and the lads o' Buckhaven
    And the kimmers o' Largo and the lasses o' Leven
    We hae tales tae tell and we hae sangs tae sing
    We hae pennies tae spend and we hae pints tae bring

    We'll live all our days and them that comes behin'
    Let them dae the like and spend the gear they win
    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Andy M. Stewart)

  • ca' thro' - work away
    mickle a do - much to do
    gear - wealth

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1959:] The four towns mentioned [in the first verse] are small fishing villages on the south coast of Fife. Burns is believed to have collected this song on a trip near there; it had never appeared in print before Burns reported it. (Notes Ewan MacColl, 'Songs of Robert Burns')

  • [1966:] From the 'Scots Musical Museum'. This is the shortest, proudest, most ranting piece of local patriotism I know. It comes from the Fife coast. (Norman Buchan, notes 'The Fisher Family')

  • [1987:] Carls are old men, and Kimmers are gossips. (Notes 'Janet Russell & Christine Kydd')

  • [1989:] This song was never in print before it appeared in Johnson's Volume, and tradition has supplied another verse as follows:
    Never break your heart for love
    Just turn the boat about
    There's as gude fish i' the sea
    As ever yet cam' out
    Hey, ca' thro' ...

    Its authenticity is very doubtful. (Notes Andy M. Stewart, 'Songs of Robert Burns')

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