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Hieland Whisky

  • (Trad)

    The whisky's guid and the whisky's grand
    A wee drappie o't'll dae ye nae hairm
    I only wish that in my airms
    I had a great big barrel o' hieland whisky o

    Well ye a' heard of piper McNeill
    A hearty chap and a fancy chiel
    In a' my days I lo'ed him weel
    For he dearly lo'es the whisky o

    As I cam' staggerin' hame ae nicht
    As drunk as ony man could be
    I struck a post and doon I fell
    A wi' a wee drappie whisky o

    As I cam' staggerin' tae the door
    My mither rose and she slipped the bar
    But when she saw my claithes a' glais
    She says, Hang tae the hieland whisky o

    Oh mither angry you neednae be
    Nor in a passion you neednae flee
    For aye until the day I die
    I'll aye tak' a wee drappie o' whisky o

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

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