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Highland Laddie

  • (Trad)

    Oh my bonnie bonnie Highland laddie
    Oh my bonnie bonnie Highland laddie
    When I was sick and lay tae dee
    He ro'ed me in his Highland plaidie

    The Lowland lads think they are fine
    But oh, they're vain and idly gaudy
    How much I like the graceful mien
    And manly looks o' my Highland laddie

    If I were free at will tae choose
    To be the wealthiest Lowland lady
    I'd tak' yon Donal' with his trews
    Wi' bonnet blue and Highland plaidie

    O'er ben tae hill wi' him I'll run
    And leave my Lowland kin and daddy
    Frae winter's cold and summer's sun
    He'll screen me wi' his Highland plaidie

    A painted room and silken bed
    Please a Lowland laird and lady
    But I can kiss and be his bride
    Behind a bush in his tartan plaidie

    Nae greater joy I e'er pretend
    Than that his love prove true and steady
    Like mine tae him which ne'er shall end
    While Heaven preserves my Highland laddie

    (as sung by Jean Redpath)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1979:] Once again it was the delightful melody that first attracted me to this particular song. If my memory serves me well it was Hamish Henderson who introduced me to this extract from the 18th century "Orpheus Caledonius" (Thomson, London 1725). (Notes Jean Redpath, 'Father Adam')

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