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Highland Lament

Here is a rough guide to the song in addition with a breton tune
recorded live in Nov.2003 by german Folk Consortium

  • (Trad)

    The unrelenting cruelties of the Duke of Cumberland
    spared neither age, sex, nor condition,
    and Scotland for a while realized the prophecy of Peden
    which foretold that the time was nigh
    when our people might ride fifty miles among the hills and valleys,
    and no' find a reekin' hoose nor hear a-crowing a cock

    Oh I am come to the low country
    Ochon ochon ochree
    Withoot a penny in my purse
    Tae buy a meal to me

    At hame I had three score o' yowes
    Ochon ochon ochree
    Skippin' on yon bonnie knowes
    And castin' wool for me

    Till Charlie Stuart came at last
    Ochon ochon ochree
    My Donald's arm was wantin' then
    For Scotland, aye, and for me

    Their woeful fate, what need I tell
    Ochon ochon ochree
    My Donald and his country fell
    Upon Culloden field

    (as sung by The Corries)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] [In the 17th century] the teaching of the hill preachers was shot through with apocalyptic prophecy, and on every hand the talk was of Antichrist and the imminent arrival of Gog Magog. According to [the Scottish Calvinist] Alexander Peden 'the prophet', this was to be signalled by a devastating French invasion and he cried out:

    "see the Frenches marching with their armies thorow the breadth and length of the land, marching to their bridle-reins in the blood of all ranks...A bloody sword, a bloody sword, a bloody sword for thee, O Scotland...Many miles shall ye travel, and shall see nothing but desolation and ruinous wastes...The fertilest places... shall be as waste and desolate as the mountains. The woman with child shall be ript up and dashed in pieces..." (Donaldson, Song 20)

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