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  • (Eamonn Cowan / Toss the Feathers)

    Although I am a highwayman I'm born of noble birth
    Stole sovereigns of gold of gold, and rings and diamonds too
    And the greatest treasure of them all, I took your heart from you

    Stole horses from a tavern once, the soldiers drank within
    Then sold them to the cavalry, ten guineas for my sins
    I stole them from fine ladies, then waltzed with them next night
    When they spoke about the Highwayman whose face was hid from sight

    A duchess grand confided that she'd heard his voice before
    Or who she didn't know, a stranger then from long ago
    For years they've tried to capture me, a fox before the hounds
    When my youthful bag of luck is spent, with you I'll go to ground

    Though the gallows high defy me I shall return to thee
    I shot Lord Wesley's guardsman, made the noose my destiny
    But I'd rather go now in my prime than languish in old age
    In some forgotten dungeon deep, a name upon a cage

    Though Satan comes to take me to a place prepared for me
    Look for me by moonlight, babe, I shall return to thee
    On a moonlit night by silhouette and in the woods so deep
    Look for me by moonlight, babe, my spirit shall not sleep

    (as sung by Toss the Feathers)

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