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Hirslin' Kate

  • (Anon)

    Kate ye're bonnie, Kate ye're sweet
    'Tis a shame ye cannae use yer feet
    When ye go bauchlin' up the street
    Hirslin' on yer way, o

    Long black hair hangs doon yer back, yer dress is like a pedlar's sack
    Watch ye dinna fa' doon a crack as ye go hirslin' by, o

    Blocks o' wood upon yer hands as alang the streets ye gang
    As noisy as a German band as ye go on yer way, o

    Up the brae an' doon the lane, ower the fields it's a' the same
    Ye even poach the fairmer's game but ye cannae get a man, o

    (as sung by Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise)

  • hirslin' - whistling
    bauchlin' - trotting

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1990:] Both [Freddie Anderson and] another modern songwriter whose name is mislaid [...] have written songs about [a well-known old Glasgow street] character, Hirstlin' Kate, who had lost the use of her legs altogether. The unknown writer begins, to a tune from Newfoundland, [with the chorus above].
    While Freddie says

    See Hirstlin' Kate o' the town
    On her brushes go sweepin' round
    Some heads may be high, peerin' into the sky
    But Katie's is fixed on the ground

    (McVicar, One Singer One Song 127)

Quelle: Scotland

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