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How Can It End

  • (Peter Nardini)

    There's a lot of folk sure that the world's goin' tae end
    They're saying that's the way it must be
    But really I don't want to hear that again
    It's scaring the life oot o' me

    How can it end, does nobody care
    One push of the button, we're up in the air
    Mothers and daughters and fathers and sons
    Wi' their TVs and cookers, their fridges and phones
    A' the young married couples, just startin' off
    Oot for a bevvy, havin' a laugh

    How can it end, we're a big super power
    We've got Kentucky Fried Chicken and pork sweet and sour
    Football on the telly and a few cans o' beer
    Laughin' and swearin' and fallin' aff the chair
    Horses and bingo, takin' a chance
    Socials, discos, havin' a dance

    How can it end when there's Marlboro to smoke
    There's vodka and lime, and there's whisky and coke
    And there's fog and there's snow and there's ice and there's rain
    And I'm booked next August for two weeks in Spain
    How can it end when you've still things to do
    How can it end when you don't want it to

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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