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How Many Times

  • (Judy Small)

    It was early in the morning as he drove me to the airport
    The city was awash with sunlight, fresh and bright and new
    And as we drove he told me of his hometown and his family
    He came here from Greek islands at nineteen in '52
    They laughed at him in Findus Street in his telling foreign clothing
    Without a word of English he set out to build a dream
    And now his health has failed him after thirty years of labouring
    But he's proud of the life he built and the Aussie he became

    And how many times has he told his tale to strangers
    Playing out his life while driving round and round the town
    How many times has he had no word of answer
    From passengers preoccupied with stories of their own

    I didn't notice her until she came and sat beside me
    She started conversation in a voice genteel and clear
    She used to be a nanny, nursemaid to a wealthy family
    She went to them for six months, and she stayed for fifty years
    She only left the family home a year ago when Madame died
    Now she lives alone and comes to town for company
    And the baby that she nursed is now a fifty-year-old bachelor
    Who brings her shirts to iron and some sweets and memories

    And how many times has she told her tale to strangers
    Met by chance on buses or in cafes over tea
    How many times has she delighted in exchanges
    With people who were friends for those few moments of her day

    These are the people of our time no less than those whose names
    And faces grace our papers' pages and our T.V. screens
    People on whose labour in the shadows we have built our lives
    Who get none of the glory and who bear most of the pain

    And how many times do they tell their tales to strangers
    Who turn away in silence and pretend they didn't hear
    How many times do we throw away such chances
    Never knowing what we might have learnt with open ear

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