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Hungover Morning

  • (Ian M. Bruce)

    Never again, never again
    Whisky and beer they make me feel queer
    And I swear, I'll drink never again

    Consciousness creeps to the clock's crescendo
    That alarm, will it never end-oh
    My stomach's not well, my head hurts like hell
    And to boot - it's a bloody cold morning
    Let me sleep tight, I'll be fine by tonight
    My head should be better by then
    Oh! let me just stay in my bed for today
    And I swear - I'll drink never again

    My blankets they nestle like snow on the meadow
    I am in comfort but I wish I was dead-oh
    My teeth are all furry, my tongue tastes of curry
    A Tandoori just before bedtime
    I reach out my arm to quash the alarm
    But the clock it ends up on the floor
    But before it can land I retract my hand
    And I swear I will drink nevermore

    But prudence prevails and I steal from the sheets
    Clasping my head to suppress the heartbeats
    I must wake myself, I must shake myself
    'Cause within the hour I'll be working
    Let this hangover rage, but I must have my wage
    Because money it's ever so tight
    I need money to spend, because me and my friend
    We're going out drinking tonight

    Final chorus
    Drinking tonight, drinking tonight
    Whisky and beer, they make me feel queer
    So I'm going out drinking tonight

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