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I am a lad of 20 years

  1. I am a lad of 20 years, I am an outlaw by profession,
    I steal and beg from rich and poor and give the proceeds to my father.
  2. Well all around the town I go and steel the purees from rich people
    And I give the money to me father, the man I absolutely loathe.
  3. Chorus 2x
    But every night he kicks and beats me all around the house I run
    And I cannot escape the beatings he unflicts upon me so.

  4. All through my youth I lived this live I gave no thought onto the future
    And because I relished all my ways in very short time I had to pay.

  5. Chorus ---

  6. One day as I went down to town I met with this handsome girl,
    She told me I was doing wrong and must repent my sinful ways.

  7. Chorus ---

  8. Well I quickly fell in love with her, we went away and we got wed,
    And now I disregard me father and tell him where he ought to go.
  9. Last Chorus 2x
    So now every night I get no beatings only love from me own dear wife,
    And IŽll nŽer return to me wicket father or go back to me old sinful ways.

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