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I Belong To Glasgow

  • (Will Fyffe)

    I belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow town
    But something's the matter with Glasgow
    For it's going round and round
    I'm only a common old working chap as anyone here can see
    But when I get a couple of drinks on a Saturday
    Glasgow belongs to me

    I've been wi' a few o' ma cronies, one or two pals o' ma ain
    We went in a hotel, where we did very well
    Then we came out once again
    Then we went into another, that is the reason I'm fu'
    We had six deoch an' doruises, then sang a chorus
    Just listen, I'll sing it to you

    There's nothing in being teetotal and saving a shilling or two
    If your money you spend you've nothing to lend
    Well, that's all the better for you
    There's nae harm in taking a drappie, it ends all your trouble and strife
    It gives you the feeling that when you get home
    You don't care a hang for the wife

    (as sung by Ewan McVicar)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1990:] When considering music hall in Glasgow, it would seem to anyone but a Glaswegian that I have no option but to print I Belong To Glasgow in this book. Except that I have never heard anyone but paid entertainers sing it in Glasgow!

    In the Blythman ceilidh house in Balgrayhill one night were some pleasant American visitors. The songs were good, but eventually one of the guests said, 'We're rather puzzled that you have not yet sung your own local song for us.' We had been singing them our own local songs all night - which one had we missed out? I Belong To Glasgow. There was an awkward silence, and an explanation along the lines of 'We don't play that kind of music here, stranger.'

    Why don't we sing it? It's a fine song. Perhaps it is too nakedly honest about not feeling good about yourself unless you are drunk. Maybe we resented the fact that it was written by a Dundonian [sic!], Will Fyffe, and the verses and 'patter' more fit the cliché of the tight-fisted Aberdeen man than the openhanded Glasgow drunk. [Harry] Lauder [...] turned down the offer of I Belong To Glasgow on the grounds that he could not sing a song glorifying drink. When it was pointed out that he sang A Wee Deoch An Dorus, he answered that he always emphasised the word wee - he was preaching moderation. (McVicar, One Singer One Song 105f)

  • [1991:] Written by Aberdonian music-hall singer Will Fyffe (1885-1947). (Ewan McVicar, notes 'I Was Born In Glasgow')

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