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If It Wasn't For The Border

  • (Trad / Colum Sands)

    If it wasn't for the Border what would we do
    We'd only have one parliament instead of having two
    We couldn't play with pounds and punts
    And roadblocks would be few
    We couldn't live at all without the Border

    I am a simple farmer, the truth I'll tell to you
    I own a bit of land that would graze a beast or two
    But how my life has changed since my field was cut in two
    By a little dotted line that's called the Border

    My uncle's in the customs, he makes a punt or two
    He doesn't like the work but it keeps him off the brew
    His underwear's in ribbons but his uniform is new
    Sure he couldn't live at all without the Border

    And I myself am unemployed but the smuggling sees me through
    For the Border is a way of life as I'll explain to you
    For I draw the dole in Newry, and in Dundalk I draw it too
    Sure I couldn't live at all without the Border

    the Border - between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
    punt - Irish currency

    Tune: The Work of the Weavers

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