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I Gael Cymru'n Gymru Rydd

  • (Rod Thomas)

    We're the children of our ancestors
    All they did is in our blood
    And they gave us the chance to live our lives
    For this land and the people we love
    I gael Cymru 'n gymru rydd

    Did your forefather fight with Llewelyn
    Against Saxons and Normans he died
    So his country's fate should not be that
    Of Cornwall or Strathclyde
    At the death of Glyn Dwr was he saddened
    Resenting the next years to come
    But when the word in Welsh was printed
    The battle had just begun

    Did your forefather ride with Rebecca
    On the tollgates that strangled his ways
    Burning the hated poor-house
    Resisting the sabre blade
    And at his side women worked on broken bodies
    Those sisters, mothers and wives
    With the strength to raise their children when the menfolk fell
    And at the hearth keep the message alive

    Did your forefather bleed in a coal seam
    Or at a furnace door did he burn
    Slaving for those who raped the land
    And gave nothing in return
    So our forefathers met every era
    With the strength and the will to survive
    Let us never forget as each day goes by
    It's to them we owe our lives

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