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I Hae Naebody Now

  • (Ian McCalman / James Hogg)

    I ha'e naebody now, I ha'e naebody now
    To meet me upon the green
    Wi' light locks waving o'er her brow
    And joy in her deep blue e'en
    Wi' the raptured kiss and the happy smile
    And the dance o' the lightsome fay
    And the wee bit tale o' the news the while
    That had happened when I was away

    There's naebody kens, there's naebody kens
    And O may they never prove
    That sharpest degree o' agony
    For the child o' their earthly love
    To see a flower in its vernal hour
    By slow degrees decay
    Then, calmly aneath the hand o' death
    Breathe its sweet soul away

    O, dinna break, my poor auld heart
    Nor at thy loss repine
    For the unseen hand that threw the dart
    Was sent frae her Father and thine
    Yet I maun mourn, and I will mourn
    Even till my latest day
    For though my darling can never return
    I can follow the sooner away

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1970:] Born in Ettrick Forest, [James Hogg (1770-1835)] spent his early days as a shepherd, but he was discovered by Scott while collecting material for his 'Border Minstrelsy', and taken under that ample wing. He had almost no formal education, [...] but he soon became famous among the famous of his time - helped by his magnificent personality. He farmed most of his life and left a variety of notable works [...]. (Penguin Book of Scottish Verse 15f)

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