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I Have Seen It All

  • (Rod Thomas)
  • I have lived through bad times when winter came to take lives
    Somehow we rode the storm, somehow I kept them warm
    And I have lived with hunger to stop my children starving
    And cried when death would call
    Oh I have seen it all

    I have heard men scheming of ways to set men fighting
    Who'd kill on battle day, what for they could not say
    And I have seen men rioting when pride had stopped their pleading
    When shots rang out they'd fall
    Oh I have seen it all

    So don't tell me you're finished, for I live on inside you
    And all those in your line - a chain as long as time
    And we would not be broken, and we gave you this morning
    So now you have the chance
    Take it with both hands

    And when at last you fall
    Why, you have seen it all

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