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I Know My Love

  • (Trad)
  • And still she cried, I love him the best
    And a troubled mind sure will know no rest
    And still she cried, Bonnie boys are few
    And if my love leaves me what will I do

    And I know my love by his way of walking
    And I know my love by his way of talking
    And I know my love in the jacket blue
    And if my love leaves me what will I do

    There is a dance hall in the Maradyke
    And it's there my love he goes every night
    And he sits a queer one down on his knee
    And don't you know how that troubles me

    And if my love knew I could weave and spin
    And if my love knew I could wash and wring
    I would make a coat of the finest kind
    But the want of money leaves me behind

    And I know my love is a handsome rover
    And I know he'll roam the whole world over
    And in dear old Ireland no longer tarry
    And an English girl sure he's sure to marry

    (as sung by Jimmy Crowley)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1979:] Dr Douglas Hyde recalled hearing this song at a Galway Feis, with alternate verses in the Irish language. A longer version exists in Scotland. It is to be sung in a flowing manner without any pauses. (Loesberg II, 64)

  • [1998:] Contains the classic jealous lover motif only this time the "tavern in the town" becomes St Francis' Hall in the Mardyke, Cork, which for many years was centre of the social scene and whence many a "shift" preceded matrimony. Learned from Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. (Jimmy Crowley, notes 'Uncorked!')


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