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I Like Beer

  • (Tom T. Hall)
  • I like beer
    It makes me a jolly good fellow
    I like beer
    It helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow
    Makes me feel mellow
    Whisky's too rough, champagne costs too much
    Vodka makes my mind unclear
    This little refrain will help me explain
    As a matter of fact, I like beer

    In some of my songs I casually mention
    The fact that I like to drink beer
    This little song is more to the point
    Roll out the barrel, lend me your ears

    My wife often frowns when we're out on the town
    And I'm wearing a suit and a tie
    She's sipping vermouth and she thinks I'm uncouth
    When I yell as the waiter goes by

    Last night I dreamed I passed from the scene
    Went to a place so sublime
    The water was clear, it tasted like beer
    Then they turned it all into wine

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] A song I can really identify with, which I learnt from a tape of Mack Davis played to me, once again by Iain MacKintosh. (Notes Hamish Imlach, 'More and Merrier')

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