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I'll Stick On The Stamp

  • (Iain C. MacKintosh)

    I was nearly time-served, just two months to go
    When redundancies came, just like that
    I said, Can't I stay on just to finish my time
    But they laughed and turned me doon flat
    I told them I only had eight weeks to go
    The Union tried hard, God knows
    Wish I had a quid for each one who said
    Sorry, son, that's how it goes

    I buy every paper, I'll try any job
    Walkin' streets warms you up when it's cold
    The Job Centre folk must be sick o' my face
    And the same goes for them at the Dole
    I write all my letters at night, in despair
    Tellin' lies I'm a time-served man
    I'm beginnin' to wonder does anyone care
    For there's only one answer in ten

    Then one interview that came right oot the blue
    Put my tie on and polished my shoes
    I went an hour early, only to find
    Three hundred or mair in the queue
    When my turn came I told him I'd finished my time
    It was easy to tell that lie
    When my only prospect is helpin' my pal
    Daein' homers at night on the fly

    So I'll stick on the stamp, it's the fourth one the day
    Stick it square so the envelope's neat
    When I think of the number o' times I've done that
    I just want to sit doon an' greet

    Ach, did you ever feel you were beat

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1984:] I wrote this for a friend of my daughter who was a young apprentice and almost finished his time when he was made redundant. (Iain MacKintosh, intro 'Home For A While')

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