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I'm A Terrible Man

  • (Colum Sands)

    Ready for the day and the dancing
    You've never seen the likes of it before
    Dancing like the devil to the screeching of the fiddle
    And the girls leaping a' around the floor

    I met her of a Friday at the dancing
    We danced all night round the floor
    She had a bic-lick and I was on foot
    So I ran her home to the door

    Come on in, you boy
    We can't stand out in the cold
    There's no one at home bar daddy
    And I bet that he be sleeping by now

    She give me a rake of bis-cakes
    And a cupful of tea in my hand
    When I heard a kind of whistle in the back of me
    It was daddy, and he was some man

    Her father he let out a golder
    He talk about getting a gunk
    But I deuked him around by the jaw-box
    And I dunted him into the bunk

    She went a-whinching and a-yearning
    And he was roaring on the floor
    If I catch a-haud of your trappel(?)
    But I was heading for the door

    I run through the nettles and the dotters
    I wish that I had tak' a look
    For I jumped through a hedge and I landed
    Up to my oxters in the sheugh

    But I'll go back to see her
    Her father can do what he can
    And I'll go back to the dancing
    For I'm a terrible man

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