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In Contempt

  • (Aaron Kramer / Betty Sanders / ad. Len Graham)

    Build high build wide your prison walls
    That there be room enough for all
    Who hold you in contempt build wide
    That all the bad be locked inside

    The birds who still insist on song
    The sunlit streams still running strong
    The flowers a-blazing every hue
    All are in contempt of you

    When you have seized the gallant few
    Whose glory casts a shade on you
    How can you now go home with ease
    Jangling your heavy dungeon keys

    The parents dreaming still of peace
    The playful children, the wild geese
    Who still must fly the mountains to
    All are in contempt of you

    When you have seized both moon and sun
    And jailed the poems one by one
    And trapped each trouble-making breeze
    Then you must throw away your keys

    So let us hope the day will come
    When man adores the rising sun
    Empty jails and free to do
    With no one in contempt of you

    (as sung by Skylark)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1950:] Original version first printed in 'Sing Out' in October. (Reprint 'Sing Out' ?)

  • [1989:] This song was written in the early 1950s as a response to the political machinations of the un-American Activities Committee under the chairmanship of Senator Joseph McCarthy which persecuted people for supposed left-wing views. First published in the American folk magazine Sing Out, the original words are by Aaron Kramer. Len has added his own words and Gerry [O'Beirne] composed the air. 'In Contempt' remains relevant to the position of prisoners of conscience throughout the world. (Notes Skylark, 'All Of It')

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