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  • (Trad)

    Come all ye lads and lasses, I hope you will attend
    And likewise pay attention to these lines I've lately penned
    I'm going to leave this country and go to a land that's free
    And I'll bid farewell to all my friends around by Inishfree

    When he rises in the morning he oils and combs his hair
    He dresses in his suit so fine and goes to meet his dear
    Her name I needn't mention least offended she might be
    But she's one of the fairest flowers that blooms in Inishfree

    It's true I loved you, Mary, I'll never love you more
    Oh I loved you far better than any I loved before
    And when I'm on the ocean wide, neither hill or dale to see
    I'll be thinking on you, Mary, when far from Inishfree

    And when she rises in the morning she walks along the shore
    She watches the big ship sailing that brought her lover o'er
    She watches the foaming billows as they roll along the sea
    And she sighs and says, My Jimmy Bawn, you're far from Inishfree

    Farewell to all the bounding rocks that lie around Aranmore
    And likewise to you, Mary, will I ever see thee more
    If ever we chance to meet again all in a land that's free
    We will live and love each other as we did in Inishfree

    (as sung by Kevin Mitchell)

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