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Invisible Married Breakfast Blues

  • (Leon Rosselson)

    Nobody looking at me
    He puts his spoon in the sugar and the sugar in the tea
    And he unfolds his paper methodically
    And he stirs the tea
    And he sips the tea
    Without looking at me

    He sips his tea without looking at me
    With an automatic gesture he taops his knee
    And he looks at his watch mechanically
    And he smiles at me
    Without looking at me

    He smiles at me without looking at me
    And his smile is as heavy as gravity
    And it falls on the table and the cups of tea
    And inevitably
    He kisses me
    Without looking at me

    Without looking at me, without looking at me
    Alone with my invisibility

    And the tablecloth stained and staring at me
    And the sugar bowl floating in an empty sea
    And an empty cup where my heart ought to be
    And nobody
    Looking at me

    (as sung by Val Bailey)

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