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It's My Union

  • (Trad)

    'Cause it's my Union, I built a Union
    If they want to know who runs it, it's you and I
    And no matter what they say, the Union's here to stay
    I'll fight in the Union till I die

    When the papers run by Tories carry terrifying stories
    Of the horrid Union bosses who oppress me
    They can rant and scream and rage, I just turn the other page
    Their bedtime stories really don't impress me

    When the TV commentators say my leaders are dictators
    Call them Moscow agents, Reds and such
    I ignore their indignation and tune in some other station
    Their ravings don't impress me very much

    When a bought and paid for stool tries to make me out a fool
    By saying that my Union should be split
    I just tell him, Keep on walking, it's the boss's money talking
    There ain't no good in peddling that shit

    You can call me agitator, even call me traitor
    Say that my head's gone off its track
    Well I can plainly see what the Union's done for me
    I'm rolling up my sleeves and fighting back

    (as sung by Arthur Johnstone)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] An American Union song, this version is an update by Danny Couper. It emphasises the need to defend and protect Union organisation from attack - my sentiments exactly. (Notes Arthur Johnstone, 'North By North')

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