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I Wandered By A Brookside

  • Lyrics (Trad)
    Tune Barbara Berry
  • I wandered by a brookside, I wandered by a mill
    I could not hear the water, the murmuring was still
    Nor the sound of any grasshopper or the song of any bird
    But the beating of my own heart was the only sound I heard

    I lay beneath the elm tree to watch his long long shade
    And as it grew the longer I did not feel afraid
    I listened for a footfall, I listened for a word
    But the beating of my own heart was the only sound I heard

    With silent tears fast flowing then someone stood behind
    A hand upon my shoulder, I knew the touch was kind
    She drew me near and nearer, we neither spoke one word
    But the beating of our own two hearts was the only sound I heard

    (as sung by Archie Fisher)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] Song from England. (Notes Archie Fisher, 'Sunsets I've Galloped Into')

  • [1995:] A young man is waiting for his love. He takes a walk, so he's not easy to find. Then he does an even dafter thing and lies down under an elm. (Archie Fisher, intro Edinburgh)

  • [2007] Hector Gilchrist wrote: Please note that the song "I Wandered by a Brookside" is a trad poem but, the tune is by Barbara Berry the English folk musician who is in receipt of royalties from the recordings of Eva Cassidy, Archie Fisher, and other folk artists, who have recorded without original attribution.

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