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I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool

  • (Stan Kelly / Leon Rosselson)
  • I wish I was back in Liverpool
    Liverpool town where I was born
    Where there ain't no trees, no scented breeze
    No fields of waving corn
    But there's lots of girls with peroxide curls
    And the black-and-tan flows free
    Where there's six in a bed by the old pierhead
    And it's Liverpool town for me

    It's ten long years since I went away
    To roam the wide world o'er
    My very first trip in an old tramp ship
    That was bound for Baltimore
    I was ten days sick, I just couldn't stick
    That bobbing up and down
    So I told them, Jack, to turn right back
    To dear old Liverpool town

    We built the Mersey tunnel, boys
    Way back in 'thirty-three
    Dug an 'ole in the ground until we found
    An 'ole called Wallasey
    And the foreman cried, Come on outside
    The roof is fallin' down
    And I'm tellin' you, Jack, we all swam back
    To dear old Liverpool town

    There's every race and colour of face
    And every kind of name
    But the pigeons on the pierhead
    They'll treat us all the same
    If you walk up Upper Parliament Street
    You'll see faces black and brown
    And I've also seen the Orange and Green
    In dear old Liverpool town

    (as sung by The Spinners)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1964:] By Stan Kelly, a Scouser, living now in London. Still the best song about Liverpool we know. (Notes The Spinners, 'Folk at the Phil!')

  • [1970:] Stan Kelly, who wrote the words, calls them 'full of neuralgia for the docks and the pierhead'. (Notes 'Spotlight On The Spinners')

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