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I Would I Were

  • (James Keelaghan)

    I would I were a robin's song borne upon the wind
    Lilting light through morning bright, soaring from the limb
    And if I were that robin's song I'd soar without delay
    And be the first thing that you hear as you begin your day

    I wish the Northern lights were of a fabric apprehended
    That from these earthbound human hands those lights could be suspended
    I wish the Northern lights were mine to hem and sew and weave
    I'd make a cloak for you to wear to keep you from the breeze

    Oh all of the questions
    All of the stars in the sky
    Oh never the answers
    Always the wondering why

    I wish my hand could touch the place within your heart that's hidden
    Go to you as if yome ghost that by you had been bidden
    And though this world is touch and go I cannot but believe
    Of all the things that touch us first love is the last to leave

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1993:] Sometimes [as here], out of the blue, I'll be playing my guitar and I'll get an idea for a melody and there's immediately some words that suggest themselves. (James Keelaghan, Sing Out 38/2)

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