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Jenny Lasswade

  • (Ian McCalman)

    People came from Dalkeith, Liberton and Gilmerton
    Frae Colinton and Roslin and Penicuik too
    They travelled in their carriages leading to some marriages
    And when A come to think of it A think A saw you

    Jenny was a maiden from a village in Midlothian
    She would carry gentlemen across the stream
    She put 'em on her shoulder for to wade across the water
    And they had tae pay her halfway there or she would drop 'em in

    She carried any maiden or a mannie that is laiden
    Wi' his instruments o' tradin' just as long as she wis paid
    And when the flow was heavy then she added tae her levy
    And the people shouted, Ready, steady, Jenny Lasswade

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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