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Jimmy Clay

  • (Patrick Sky)

    So as you walk down the street, who will talk to you
    Six o'clock, it's getting late
    And the moon is rising, and the sticky dew
    Falls to the ground by the gate

    With your rifle on your shoulder as you walk along
    Listening to your bootheels hit the sod
    Smoking your cigar as you hum a song
    Thinking of your mother and your God

    Ah, but you're alone, Jimmy Clay
    As you smoke your cigar and earn your pay
    With fifteen thousand soldiers marching by your side
    Still, you're alone, Jimmy Clay

    Do you remember New York Town, good old New York Town
    The friends, the drunks, the cops and all
    The whores who took your money when you couldn't stand
    All those roarin' nights you can't recall

    Do you remember Alice Faye, good old Alice Faye
    She'd been through life at least ten times around
    And when she said she loved you, well, she meant it, boy
    Do you remember the night you nearly drowned

    Ah, but you're alone, Jimmy Clay
    As you smoke your cigar and think of yesterday
    But Yesterday don't matter when it's gone away
    Where did it go, Jimmy Clay

    So as you lie there in the mud who will talk to you
    Nobody, Jimmy Clay
    For when you've gone, mankind soon follows after you
    Doesn't it, Jimmy Clay

    And your face will grow mouldy where they kissed your cheek
    And said, Please die for us, Jimmy Clay
    And so you died, a soldier, and a hero's death
    Congratulations, Jimmy Clay

    Now you're alone, Jimmy Clay
    As you smoke your cigar and earn your pay
    And somewhere in the distance hear a fiddle play
    But not one note will change, Jimmy Clay

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] Alice Faye (actress/singer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died May 9, 1998. Born May 15, 1915. (Many '30s and '40s movies, including several with Shirley Temple, was married to Phil Harris for over 50 years, first wife of Tony Martin)

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