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John O'Hazelgreen

(Jock O'Hazeldean)
  • (Trad)

    One night as I rode o'er the lay with moonlight shining clear
    I overtook a fair young maid lamenting for her dear
    For she did cry as I drew nigh, and bitter to me it seemed
    For she was letting the tears roll down for her Johnny O'Hazelgreen

    Why do you cry, my pretty fair maid, why do you weep and moan
    Is it your father or mother that's dead, or have you lost your home
    My parents they are both alive and plainly to be seen
    But I am letting the tears roll down for my Johnny O'Hazelgreen

    Who is this Johnny O'Hazelgreen, he's one I do not know
    But he must be a braw young lad that you do love him so
    His arms are long and his back is strong, he's comely to be seen
    His hair is rolled like chains of gold, he's my Johnny O'Hazelgreen

    Dry up your tears, my pretty fair maid, and come along with me
    Then I'll show to you my only son, I never had one but he
    Then you may be a bride, says I, to any lord or king
    But I'd far rather be a bride, says she, to my Johnny O'Hazelgreen

    She's mounted on her lily white horse and I upon the bay
    We rode along all through the night and part of the next day
    And when we reached my castle gate, the bells began to ring
    And who should step out but my only son, her Johnny O'Hazelgreen

    You're welcome home dear father, he said, you're welcome home, says he
    For you brought to me my own sweetheart I thought I never would see
    Then a smile upon her lovely face as sweet as the grasses green
    Now I hope she's enjoying her married life with her Johnny O'Hazelgreen

    (as sung by The Spinners)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1972:] Learnt from the great Packie Manus Byrne. (Notes The Spinners, 'Love Is Teasing')

    Further notes (mainly on Scott's version) see P 092/2

Quelle: Scotland

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