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Johnny Miner

  • (Ed Pickford)

    Farewell Durham, Yorkshire too
    Nottingham, the same to you
    Scotland, South Wales bid adieu
    Farewell Johnny Miner

    Johnny Miner, you were born
    Never to see the rising dawn
    Now it's time that you were gone
    Farewell Johnny Miner

    You're greeted with the sliding scale
    Lungs turned black and faces pale
    Now your body's up for sale
    Farewell Johnny Miner

    They promised you the earth some time
    To get the coal from stinking mines
    Now the justice for their crimes
    Is, Farewell Johnny Miner

    Cheer up John, don't take it hard
    Unemployment isn't bad
    They'll greet you well in the knacker's yard
    Farewell Johnny Miner

    (as sung by Dick Gaughan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] Written a few years ago by Ed Pickford from Wearside. In the light of what Mrs. T.'s [Thatcher's] grim reaper, Iain MacGregor, has done to the mining industry, and the individuals and communities involved, the prophesy is unfortunately nearly complete, certainly as far as Scotland is concerned. (Robin Morton, notes Battlefield Band, 'Home Ground')

  • [1997:] [...] the trade of knacker, a person who bought worn-out or diseased animals for slaughter, hence knacker's yard as a expression for the ultimate resting place of anything worn out [...] (World Wide Words, Michael B Quinion,

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