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Johnny Gallagher

  • (Trad)

    As I was walking to Newry one day
    I met Sergeant Kelly by chance on the way
    Says he, Johnny Gallagher, will you come along
    To the sweet town of Newry where we'll get a dram

    As we were a-talking and drinking our dram
    He says, Johnny Gallagher, you're a handsome young man
    Will you list take the bounty and come along with me
    To sweet Tipperary fine sights for to see

    I may go where I will for I have no one to mourn
    My mother is dead and will never return
    My father twice married with a wife and a home
    And to me proves cruel and does me disown

    He put his hand in his pocket, one shilling he drew
    Saying, Take this, Johnny Gallagher, and you'll never rue
    I took the shilling and the bargain was made
    And the ribbon was brought and pinned to my cockade

    Bad luck to the old man wherever he may be
    For he was the ruin and the downfall of me
    If he had been honest and learnt me a trade
    I'd never have enlisted and joined this brigade

    God help all poor parents who have a bad son
    They don't know the hardships they have to run
    Stuck in a cold guardroom all night and next day
    And on the field of battle their enemies to slay

    (as sung by Tom McDonagh)

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