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  • (Danny Kyle)

            Keek-a-boo ma wee lassie
            Hidin' behind the chair
            Keek-a-boo ma wee lassie
            Daddy can see you there

    Now the shipyard horn has went the noo
    And daddy will soon be hame
    Hide yoursel' behind the door
    And daddy will cry your name

    Noo wash yer face and put on your goon
    Put a' your toys away
    Efter your daddy has had his tea
    You and him can play

    Settle doon in yer cot
    Try and dream o' the moon
    Settle doon and close your eyes
    The sandman's comin' roon'

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] A new person came into our world while we were making this album, a baby girl called Jennifer Roisin Lynch, born to our Irish piper, Tomas Lynch and his partner Carolyn McKeown. So here's a song I wrote when I worked in the Fairfield Shipyard. This is for Debbie, Katie and grandson Darren as well. (Notes Danny Kyle, 'Heroes and Soft Targets')

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