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Kelvin Grove

  • (Thomas Lyle)

    Will you gan to Kelvin Grove
    Bonnie lassie O
    Through its mazes let us rove
    Bonnie lassie O
    Where the rose in all its pride paints the hollow dingle side
    Where the midnight fairies glide
    Bonnie lassie O

    Let us wander by the mill
    Bonnie lassie O
    To the cove beside the rill
    Bonnie lassie O
    Where the glens rebound the call of the roaring waterfall
    Round the mountains' rocky hall
    Bonnie lassie O

    Though I dare not call thee mine
    Bonnie lassie O
    As the smile of fortune's thine
    Bonnie lassie O
    Yet with fortune on my side I could stay thy father's pride
    And win thee for my bride
    Bonnie lassie O

    But farewell to Kelvin Grove
    Bonnie lassie O
    And farewell the land I love
    Bonnie lassie O
    To the river winding clear and the fragrant scented briar
    And to thee of all most dear
    Bonnie lassie O

    (as sung by Les Brown)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1966:] [The Shearin's No For You] is an infinitely better song than the one that has replaced it to that tune, Kelvin Grove by Thomas Lyle, which could stand as a model to the 'verdant greenery' school of Scottish writers. [...] Needless to say, it is the Kelvin Grove version which gets taught in our schools. (Norman Buchan, notes 'The Fisher Family')

  • [1986:] Kelvin Grove used to be a picturesque and richly wooded dell a short distance north west of Glasgow and was a favourite place for young people to meet on summer afternoons. (Conway, 100 Songs 29)

  • [1990:] Kelvingrove Park has [...] been responsible for song assassination. There's a great old song, The Shearin's No For You [...]. The tune was hijacked for a prime sample of kailyard kitsch with verses the like of [see above]. (McVicar, One Singer One Song 28)

Tune: 'The Shearin's No For You

Quelle: Scotland

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