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Kick the Cat

  • (McIntyre)

    Oh it is hard you will agree
    To know your place in Britain's meritocracy
    It's most important you should know
    The people who're above you and the ones below
    (Repeat last two lines)

    If Parliament's where you would be
    Be sure you come from Oxford with a good degree
    For then you may in your accent smooth
    Persuade the shiftless workers to the polling booth
    (Repeat last two lines)

    A redbrick university
    Puts you on the lower branches of the tree
    And even there you'll have a ball
    Scorning those who never reach the tree at all
    (Repeat last two lines)

    Lawyers, doctors, dentists pass
    Their examination to the middle class
    Especially if they just scraped through
    I'll give you ten to one that they'll look down on you
    (Repeat last two lines)

    If proper status you would win
    Be sure to hang your curtains with the right side in
    No one's below you, fancy that
    Then your only consolation is to kick the cat
    (Repeat last two lines)

    (as sung by The Spinners)

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