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The Kielder Hunt

  • (James Armstrong)

            Hark away! hark away!
            O'er the bonnie hills o' Kielder
            Hark away!

    Hark! hark! I hear Lang Will's clear voice sound through the Kielder glen
    Where the raven flaps her glossy wings an' the fell fox has his den
    And the shepherds they are gaitherin' up wi' mony's the good yauld grew
    The wiry terrier fleet and keen an' foxhound neat and true

    There was Moudy there frae Emmethaugh there was Royal frae Bakethinn
    There were hounds frae Reed an' Kielderheid and Ruby by the Linn
    There were hounds of fame frae Irthingside tae try baith moss an' crag
    Hark! hark! that's Moudy's loud clear note he has bold Reynard's drag

    And away away o'er bank an' brae they drive the wily game
    Where Moudy Ruby Royal still uphaud their glorious fame
    Come see the lithe yald shepherd lads how Monkside heights they climb
    They're the pride o' a' the borders wide for wind and wiry limb

    Thro' yon bright glen they view him now straight for the Yearning Linn
    O'er peat and hagg and moss and crag sae glorious is the din
    Weel dune, hurrah! they've run him doon yon Moudy twirls him now
    For the hunt is done and his brush is won and I hear the death halloo

    (as sung by Archie Fisher)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] From the singing of Willie Scott and the School of Scottish Studies. A Northumbrian song now established on both sides of the Border. Written by James Armstrong of Redesdale in the 19th century. (The Scottish Folksinger 144/156)

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