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Kilgary Mountain / (Whisky in the jar)

  1. As I was going over the Kilgary Mountain,
    I met with Colonel Pepper and his money he was countin'.
    I rattled me pistols and I drew forth me saber,
    Sayin' stand and deliver for I am the bold receiver.
  2. Chorus :
    Musha rigum da rumda - wack fol the daddy oh,
    wack fol the daddy oh - there's whisky in the jar

  3. The shining golden coins did look so bright and jolly
    I took ´em with me home and I brought ´em to me Molly
    She promised and she vowed that she'll never would deceive me
    But the devil take the women for they never can be easy.
    Chorus ---
  4. When I was awakened between six and seven
    The guards were all around me in numbers odd and even,
    I flew for me pistols, but alas, I was mistaken
    For Molly´d drawn me pistols and a prisoner I was taken.
    Chorus ---
  5. They put me into jail without a judge or writin'
    For robbing Colonel Pepper on Kilgary Mountain.
    But they didn't tie me fists so I knocked the sentry down,
    And bid a fond farewell to the jail in Sligo town.
    Chorus ---
  6. Now, some take delight in fishin´ and bowlin´,
    And others take delight in their carriages rolling,
    But I take delight in the juice of the barley,
    And courtin´ pretty fair maids in the mornin´ bright and early.
    Chorus ---

Quelle : trad. Irland, ca. 1870
As sung by Henry / Schlagsaite on Tape: Fun-Folk

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