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King Of The Castle

  • (Colum Sands)

            I am the king of the castle
            You are the dirty wee rascal

    There was a little king, and he was a little rascal, oh
    First he built a house and then he built a castle, oh
    At least he gave the orders to all his little workers, oh
    He sat on his throne a-sipping his red wine, oh

    The castle it grew bigger and the workers they grew smaller, oh
    The more the king grew fat the more he gave his orders, oh
    Until the job was done, he threw a big party, oh
    Invited all his friends, but none of them were workers, oh

    The feast went on for hours, everyone grew fatter, oh
    But still they gorged themselves, for that was in their nature, oh
    Until there was a bang that was heard for miles around, oh
    The castle fell to pieces like a castle built of sand, oh

    Some say the bang it was caused by the workers, oh
    Some say it was stomachs that could simply hold no more, oh
    And others say they fear that there always will be bangs, oh
    As long as some eat all while others must go hungry, oh

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