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King Willie

  • (James Hogg)

    Oh Willie was a wanton wag
    The blithest lad that e'er I saw
    He 'mang the lasses bure the brag
    And carried aye the gree awa'
    And was nae Willie weel worth goud
    When seas did rowe and winds did blaw
    And battle's deadly stoure was blent
    He fought the foremost o' them a'

    Wha has nae heard o' Willie's fame
    The rose o' Britain's topmost bough
    Wha never stained his gallant name
    Nor turned his back on friend or foe
    And he could tak' a ranting glass
    And he could chant a cheery strain
    And he could kiss a bonnie lass
    And aye be welcome back again

    Though now he wears the British crown
    For whilk he never cared a flee
    Yet still the downright honest tar
    The same kind-hearted chiel is he
    And every night I fill my glass
    And fill it reaming to the brim
    And drink it in a glowing health
    To Adie Laidlaw and to him

    I've ae advice to gie my king
    And that I'll gie wi' right good-will
    Stick by the auld friends o' the crown
    Wha bore it up through good and ill
    For new-made friends and new-made laws
    They suit nae honest hearts ava
    And Royal Willie's worth I'll sing
    As lang as I hae breath to draw

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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