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The Kishorn Commandos

  • (Gordon Menzies)

            We're the Kishorn Commandos way up in Wester Ross
            We've never had a gaffer, we've never had a boss
            But we'll build the biggest oil-rig you've ever come across
            Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    Every single morning we get wakened by a shout
    Get up, ye idle buggers, won't you get the finger out
    And what do we get for breakfast? Seven pints of stout
    Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    Digging down a dusty hole till we can hardly speak
    Summer sunshine, rain or snow, we seldom stop to sleep
    We work for forty hours a day and fourteen days a week
    Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    We're the toughest gang of workers that you have ever met
    We'll work or fight with anyone, and you can lay a bet
    There may be some men tougher, but we haven't found them yet
    Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    We've never joined the Navy, we've never joined the RAF
    We've never joined the army, we're not so bloody daft
    We'd rather go to Kishorn and get paid for skivin' aff
    Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    You're welcome here in Kishorn if you know how to work
    We've Geordies here from Africa and Paddies from New York
    Wi' Scousers, Jocks and Taffys, all from the County Cork
    Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    And when the job is over we'll up and pack our bags
    We'll spend the money on the booze, the women and the nags
    But until then we'll have to do wi' navvies dressed in drag
    Remember we're the Kishorn Commandos

    (as sung by Gaberlunzie)

    skiving = avoiding work
    aff = off (in Scots)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1976:] [This] was written after a 9 am session of singing with the men working at the Howard Dorris construction camp on Loch Kishorn. They are a very special breed, and we are proud that they have adopted this song as something of an anthem. (Notes Gaberlunzie, 'Wind and Water, Time and Tide')

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