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Kiss A Pig

  • (Ray Stevens)

            Kiss a pig, hug a swine
            Some of them are good friends of mine
            There's nothing I like better than a porker
            More fun than a dog and smarter than a horse
            Though you might find them a little coarse
            But really they're not as rude as those New Yorkers

    I was driving down the road just the other day
    Met a pickup truck coming the other way
    There was a bump in the road and a pig fell out
    The farmer didn't stop
    He hadn't noticed anything
    I pulled over and I caught that pig
    And I put him in my car
    Then I saw the cop
    The cop flashed his lights, pulled me into the side
    By the time he'd finished reading me my rights
    The farmer was gone
    I didn't have his number or his name
    I said, Officer, what am I gonna do
    He said, Why don't you take that pig to the zoo
    So I did. He liked it
    Then we went to a Rangers game

    That pig was a sight riding in my car
    With a baseball cap, big cigar
    Folks asked his name, he said, Oink
    And they said, Howdy
    Everyone knew he lived at my home
    Guess that's how he came to be known
    As Oink MacKintosh, ugliest man in the county
    Some time back things got bad
    And we lost almost everything we had
    Oink lost a leg, I got some wood to make one
    He was walking again inside of a month
    Couldn't eat him all at once
    Some things are more important in life than bacon

    A few weeks back, I'm sad to say
    In the middle of the night Oink limped away
    He must have heard me say that awful word recession
    He was my buddy, he was my friend
    He was my breakfast every now and then
    And he never even gave me indigestion

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] I thought [New York] was cosmopolitan, brusque and rude, though it was in Chicago that I had my first lesson in the dangerous superfluities of English speech. When I bought a ticket at the subway and said thank you, thank you very much, the man behind the grille snarled at me: 'Did you say something, asshole?' (Harold Evans, Observer Review, 13 Dec)

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