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The Ladies Are The Loving Kind

  • (Allan Taylor)

    There's a house on the outside of town
    Where the ladies they dress so fine
    We stopped there on our way but I had no means to pay
    'Cause the ladies are the loving kind

    My comrades they all went inside
    And the ladies they soon complied
    I lay down alone to wait for the dawn
    The ground it was cold and hard

    It was late when she came to me
    As I lay there in misery
    She took me to her room and she made me feel so warm
    Lady, you're a sweet memory

    'Cause tomorrow I ride to the war
    Where many have gone before
    My brothers have gone and I must follow on
    God knows what we're fighting for

    Keep the lamp in your window burning bright
    And I'll watch it till we ride out of sight
    And if I lose the track when I'm trying to make it back
    I'll be guided by your loving light

    'Cause who's to say if it's right or if it's wrong
    When a lady is the loving kind
    It don't matter much to me what you are or used to be
    'Cause lady you lay sweet on my mind

    Repeat 1

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