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Ladies' Evening Song

  • (Trad / James Hogg)

    Oh the glass is no' for you, bonnie laddie O
    The glass is no' for you, bonnie laddie O
    The glass is no' for you
    For it dyes your manly brow
    And it fills you roarin' fu', bonnie laddie O

    Then drive us not away wi' your drinkin' O
    We like your presence mair than you're thinkin' O
    How happy will you be
    In our blithesome companye
    Taking innocence and glee for your drinking O

    Now your e'en are glancing bright, bonnie laddie O
    Wi' a pure and joyful light, bonnie laddie O
    But at ten o'clock at night
    Tak' a lady's word in plight
    We will see anither sight, bonnie laddie O

    There's a right path and a wrong, bonnie laddie O
    Oh you needna argue lang, bonnie laddie O
    For the mair you taste and see
    O' our harmless companye
    Aye the happier you'll be, bonnie laddie O

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

    Tune: The Shearin's No For You

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1970:] Born in Ettrick Forest, [James Hogg (1770-1835)] spent his early days as a shepherd, but he was discovered by Scott while collecting material for his 'Border Minstrelsy', and taken under that ample wing. He had almost no formal education, [...] but he soon became famous among the famous of his time - helped by his magnificent personality. He farmed most of his life and left a variety of notable works [...]. (Penguin Book of Scottish Verse 15f)

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