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Lady Leroy

  • (Trad)

    As I was a-walking one morning in May
    Viewing wild flowers all nature seemed gay
    I spied a young couple on Erin's green shore
    They were viewing the ocean where the wild billows roar

    He says, Pretty Polly you're the girl I adore
    To be parted from you well it grieves my heart sore
    Your parents are rich love and angry with me
    And if I tarry with you I ruined will be

    So she dressed herself up in a suit of men's clothes
    And to her old father she immediately goes
    She purchased a ship and lay down the demand
    It was little he knew 'twas from his own daughter's hand

    She went back to her true love and this she did say
    Hurry up lovely Johnny we've no time to stay
    They hoisted their topsails and hurrah'd with joy
    And away on the ocean sailed the Lady Leroy

    When her father found out how he cursed and did swear
    He sent for his captain and bade him prepare
    Go seek them and find them and their lives destroy
    For they ne'er will enjoy my bold Lady Leroy

    His captain was pleased with his orders to go
    To seek them and find them like some wandering (?) foe
    He spied a fair vessel with colours let fly
    He hailed her and found she was the Lady Leroy

    And he's bade them return to old Ireland once more
    Or broadside on broadside upon them would pour
    This brave Irish hero has made this reply
    We will never surrender we will conquer or die

    Then it's broadside and broadside on each other did pour
    And it's louder and louder the cannons did roar
    This brave Irish hero has gained victory
    Oh hurrah! for true lovers they'll always run free

    And they landed in Boston that city of fame
    Of the other ship's commander I'll mention no name
    Here's a health to pretty Polly long may she enjoy
    Her proudest of lovers and the Lady Leroy

    (as sung by The Battlefield Band)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1978:] Pat [Kilbride] was given this beautiful song by Tony Holleran of Athlone, Co. Westmeath [...]. The song, probably 18th century in origin, is from an Irish broadside, but it is much better known in Canada and the eastern USA than on this side of the water. (Notes Battlefield Band, 'At the Front')

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