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The Lambs On The Green Hill

  • (Trad)

    The lambs on the green hills they sport and they play
    And many strawberries grow round the salt sea
    And many strawberries grow round the salt sea
    And many's the ship sails the ocean

    The bride and bride's party to church they did go
    The bride she rode foremost, she bears the best show
    But I followed after with my heart full of woe
    To see my love wed to another

    And the first place I saw her 'twas in the church stand
    Gold rings on her finger and her love by her hand
    Says I, My wee lassie, I will be the man
    Although you are wed to another

    The next place I saw her 'twas on the way home
    I ran on before her, not knowing where to roam
    Says I, My wee lassie, I'll be by your side
    Although you are wed to another

    Stop stop, says the groomsman, Till I speak a word
    Will you venture your life on the point of my sword
    For courting so slowly you've lost this fair maid
    So, begone, for you'll never enjoy her

    Oh make now my grave both large, wide and deep
    And sprinkle it over with flowers so sweet
    And lay me down in it to take my last sleep
    For that's the best way to forget her

    (as sung by The Johnstons)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1968:] From Colm O'Lochlainn's first collection of Irish songs. It is related closely to the Scottish I Once Loved A Lass and countless other variants of the most familiar theme in folk music, the story of unrequited love. (Notes 'The Johnstons')

  • [1979:] The tune's origins are rather misty, the words [...] are in Padraic Colum's 'Broadsheet Ballads'. (Loesberg I, 57)

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