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Lament For The Gordons

  • (Danny Kyle / Anon)

            Be silent now Greenock, Dundee and Auld Reekie
            Silent the winches on Firth and on Clyde
            While Scotland is sleepin' fair lassies are weepin'
            For the young men who'll never lie down by their side

    I sing of the Gordons, lament to young soldiers
    Never came back to the land of their kin
    Lowland and Highland on Singapore Island
    Your sons died for freedom and Bonnie Prince Tin

    The Gordons are children of shipwrights and crofters
    Strong as a storm wind, tender as rain
    Now all our cherished young eagles have perished
    None of those gin-sodden planters were slain

    How far from Malaya to snowy Bendoran
    How far from Lahore to Saltcoats and Ross
    No pipes and orations on rubber plantations
    Chimes of St. Andrews, how far Glasgow Cross

    Repeat 1

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1998:] The Gordon Highlanders were the regiment in charge of Singapore when it fell to the Japanese Army. Billy Connolly gave me this poem many years ago, and I put a tune to it. This fine anti-war piece is for Jimmy Millar, who survived the hell of Changi Prison. (Notes Danny Kyle, 'Heroes and Soft Targets')

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