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Lament For A Lost Dinner Ticket

  • (Margaret Hamilton)

    See ma mammy
    See ma dinner ticket
    A pitituma
    Pokit an she pititiny

    See thou burnty
    Up wherra firewiz

    Ma mammy says Am no tellnyagain
    No'y playnit
    A jist wen'y eatma
    Pokacrisps furma dinner

    The wummin sed Aver near
    Jistur heednur
    Wee wellies sticknoot

    They sed Wot heppind?
    Nme'nma belly
    Na bedna hospital
    A sed A pititnma
    Pokit an she pititny

    They sed Ees thees chaild ebslootly
    Non verbal?
    A sed MA BUMSAIR
    Nwen'y sleep

    (as spoken by Adam McNaughtan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1983:] [This] lays bare the misplaced arrogance of Establishment spokesmen when confronted with working-class speech which is, in fact, less 'restricted' than their own. (Notes Adam McNaughtan, 'WordsWordsWords')

  • [1997:] Written by Margaret Hamilton, 1972. ('Imagining a City', exhibition in the Mitchell Library)

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