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The Lancashire Lads

  • (Trad)

            The Lancashire Lads have gone abroad
            Whatever shall we do
            Leaving many a pretty fair maid
            To cry, What shall I do

    'Twas on Monday morning
    As I have heard them say
    Our orders came from Manchester
    That we should march away

    Says the mother to her daughter
    What makes you think so strange
    For to want to marry a Manchester Lad
    The wide world o'er to range

    The soldiers they are rambling boys
    They have but a little pay
    Can they maintain a wife and child
    On eighteen pence a day

    We've sweethearts enough my boys
    And the girls to please our mind
    But we won't forget sweet Manchester
    And the girls we left behind

    (as sung by Finbar and Eddie Furey)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1976:] Learned from Gibb Todd at singing sessions in the 'Old Dyers Arms' in Coventry. The theme is a common one: the mother warning her virgin daughter of the dangers of dallying with soldiers. The Lancashire Lads were the soldiers of the Lancashire Regiment. (Notes Finbar & Eddie Furey, 'The Farewell Album')

  • [1977:] [The regiment,] known as 'Lascelles' in 1795, acquired the nickname, 'Wolfe's Own', after fighting at Quebec. In 1782 it became the 47th (Lancashire) Regiment, otherwise known as 'The Lancashire Lads', and is now part of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment. [...] The 47th had unusual white facings [on their lapels]. (Palmer, Soldier 146)

  • [2001:] "The Lancashire Lads," as performed in recent years by Old Blind Dogs, was first fitted with its tune by the Halliard [...], a trio featuring Dave Moran (vocals), Nic Jones (vocals, fiddle, guitar), and Nigel Patterson (mandolin, recorder). (Dirty Linen, review 'The Halliard : Jon Raven / The Jolly Machine', June-July)

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