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The Land Knows You're There

  • (Leanne Hinton)

            For the land knows you're there
            And the land knows you're there
            And the rocks and trees and rivers
            Give you friendship and care

    I know some people who live in the north
    They've lived there since Columbus and many years before
    They live in the wilderness where few ever go
    But they say that in that land no one can be alone

    And every rock and tree has a name of its own
    You call out that you're coming as you journey through the land
    You never can be lonely, alone though you may seem
    For a tree is like a person and it keeps you company

    You give a happy greeting when you come to a spring
    As if it were a relative or a long-lost friend
    And when you've sat and rested and drunk your fill
    You give the spring a Thank you and a fond farewell

    When you come into a new land that you have never known
    You bend and touch the soil and you tell it why you've come
    You tell it where you're going, you tell it where you've been
    For they say that if you're kind to it the land will be your friend

    When a man is very old and his life is near its end
    He takes a final journey to say farewell to the land
    He tells it not to miss him and he tells it not to mourn
    But to learn to live without him when he is dead and gone

    This northern land is healthy, on love and care it thrives
    But back down in my home town, they forgot the land's alive
    They've polluted every river and they leveled every hill
    But underneath the concrete, the land is living still

    (as sung by Guy & Candie Carawan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] A song which has meaning for people in our part of the country. Leanne Hinton wrote it based on her experiences living and working with the Havasupai people who live in a canyon adjacent to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. (Guy Carawan, notes 'The Land Knows You're There')


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